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Closed for Pick Up and Delivery Monday May 20th
Closed for Pick Up and Delivery Monday May 20th
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Weird Things Grow in Ontario

Muddy Crops is a Toronto based Ontario fruit & veg sourcing company. Born in 2017 with the sole purpose of finding and/or growing interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables, solely grown in Ontario.

Finding farms that grow a wide variety of crops has become slimmer over the years. We work with over 10 local fruit farms that grow organic and regenerative rare fruits. We hope this will help keep the biodiversity of Ontario farming alive.

In 2022 Muddy Crops partnered with Fruter to collectively house the coolest, tastiest, and healthiest sustainable and regenerative premium fruits from around the world.

Our local, sustainable, biodiverse and organic driven fruit & veg is primarily available from May-October when Ontario produce is at its peak.

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Tree Ripe Fruit

At Muddy Crops we source only vine and tree ripened fruit. What does this mean? It means all of our fruit is full of flavour and more importantly, full of nutrients and vitamins from the nutrient rich soil. These amazing qualities don't come without a cost though. Vine and tree ripened fruits have a shorter life span which is why we source our fruits in smaller quantities multiple times a week and deliver directly to our customers.

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It Began with Berries

We found it difficult to find good strawberries in the city outside of farmers' markets. We knew others were feeling the same way, so we started driving in same day picked strawberries from Whittamore's Farm 7 days a week. From there we channeled that same sentiment into every fruit that grows in Ontario. Beyond that we started working closer with our partnering farms to plant native and unique crops that were hard to find. Enter: Pawpaw.

How We Source

How We Source

The most important reason we eat fruit and vegetables is for the nutrition. It sounds obvious, but many people don't know that when fruits and vegetables are picked prematurely and travel by boat for 2-3 weeks the nutritional content is slim to none. You want to eat fruit and veg as close to its pick date to maximize flavour and nutrition.



Learn more about our obsession with Pawpaw and when it becomes available.

Learn More About Pawpaw