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Fruit Wholesale Subscription

Flow Program

Consistency. Better Pricing. Great Selection.

Flow customers have standing weekly orders, which means they can edit and add to orders throughout the week. More customization and freedom means you don't have to miss out on new products.

Quality x Quantity

Flow products are fruits that are available 12 months of the year. The Flow Program works perfectly for a person or business that requires consistent quality and quantity week to week. By joining the flow program you will also save money and time on products you know you need. Fruit(s) are delivered every week on the same day.

Ripening Facilities

Our state of the art ripening facilities allow us to store fruit at the perfect temperature. When fruit is pre-ordered through the Flow Program we are able to have the fruit delivered directly from our farms and stored specifically for you each week. Any seasonal fruits you want week to week you can simply add on to your standing Flow.

Who Are Flows Good For?

Restaurants & Hotels



Small Grocers

Credit Where Credit is Due.

Credit Where Credit is Due.

Collect Loyalty Points and Save on Future Orders.

You will also receive a code for Free Delivery on any weekly add-on items if your standing flow is already over the requirement for free delivery. Please contact us at for more details!