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Closed for Pick Up and Delivery Monday May 20th
Closed for Pick Up and Delivery Monday May 20th

Combining Orders

Build Your Order Throughout the Week Until You Hit the Minimum for Free Delivery.

Combining Orders: Who is it Good For?

Are fruits going out of stock before you're ready to order? Are you having a hard time hitting the minimum for free delivery? Or maybe you're simply in no rush for delivery and want to wait and see what other goodies are going to become available.

Combining orders is the best way to purchase and reserve fruits as they become available, without worrying about reaching the minimum for free delivery. Simply leave the note "merge" on your order and wait for more products that you want to become available.

Every order you make will automatically combine with other orders under the same name and address. Delivery fees will be refunded from orders as you go, and when you are done ordering for the week let us know and we will schedule your delivery!

How Does it Work?

Have More Questions?

Shoot us an email or give us a call! We are always happy to over-explain anything and everything.