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Edible Flowers

Organically Grown, Hand Picked, Same Day Picked Ontario Specialty Edible Flowers.

How it Works


Select the flowers you want to be picked for you (Orders need to be in by Tuesday evening).


Flowers that are ordered are sent to our local, partnering farms. They pick the products for us to pick up on Thursday.


We pack your orders on the same day.


Orders are delivered the same day, or Friday latest.

Why Do Same Day Picked?

Why Do Same Day Picked?

While all of our local fruits are picked within a few days of being delivered, same day picked product are reserved for highly delicate, speciality items that we believe should be in the client's hands as quickly as possible, after being harvested. Fruits, vegetables and edible flowers are all living things. This means that once they are picked they begin their decent into decay; some things more than others.